Clover Bootloader EFI support


Is it possible that in the future we could get a feature that would allow to boot manjaro efi with clover boot loader because I use both OS X and manjaro and I would like to be able to boot manjaro after a fresh install off clover as efi instead of using efi bios. Also I’ve gotten this type of thing to work with Ubuntu but I would like to replace Ubuntu because I prefer manjaro


I suspect the best way of starting this would be to put together a guide to dual-boot macOS and Manjaro.

Specifically supporting a subset of hardware which has its own idiosyncrasies isn’t generally a good use of developer time. Supporting 90% of systems with GRUB is a much better use of time.


Yeah it’s most likely possible to dual boot them together it’s just it’s not explained straight forward how I know for a fact a friend using arch Linux managed to do it so it’s possable


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Please, post how it can be done, so we make a tutorial for general usage.
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@Austcool, please do. :slight_smile:


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