Closing of threads

Hi Good Afternoon,
I am new to Manjaro forum but had been a member of xda-forum in its hay days. What they did there was whenever a thread regarding a problem and that was resolved - the mods would close the thread instead of waiting for 15 days (without a post in that thread) which often becomes 15 multiplied by x days because some one post something or the other.
Was wondering if that is something the mods have thought about (closing the threads once marked as resolved - may be automatically).
This IMHO will make the forum leaner.


People might still have something to add in a solved topic. That is why we put the note at the bottom of a solved one, that the topic will close automatically:


Previously was a 24 hour mark, but members of the forum got unhappy about it. Closing it in the same instance as the SOLVED would make more complains to flow.

What is divergent, not leaner about the forum now?