Closing of the Condres OS project

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Never heard of it until just now. Guess I’ll never hear of it again either. Shame another distro bites the dust.


That was Manjaro's clone AFAIR, right? Good riddance then!


I thought that was Namib?


There was a discussion about it here some time ago:


No, I think this was supposed to be inspired by Apricity, which itself has been discontinued. As someone still using Apricity with pure Arch repos, I find the announcement (recommending people move to Fedora or Opensuse or Endeavour) really weird.

Why not just give some instructions on how to remove any Condres repo and uninstall any COndres packages which would no longer be updated, and move to a pure Arch base (supplemented by, say pamac-aur from AUR)?

Similar to the way Apricity just ended, no such instructions are given.

In contrast, Korora, the Fedora spin, gave instructions on how to move to a pure Fedora base.


A days to release a guide on how to proceed to make it vanilla with pure arch also integrating the way to switch to manjaro without too many hitches, but we must be sure that everything goes the right way.

I'm fairly sure that the folks over on the Arch forums would agree that this 'conversion' will qualify as 'pure Arch'.



Condres OS quality of packages is embarrassingly low; along with some of their development process, nothing is lost.

While it could be made with love developers are ignoring basics of Arch packaging

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That's why I always describe such distros as "using pure Arch repos only".

Based on that, EndeavourOS won't qualify, but ant's Archdeepin will because he doesn't add any additional repos.

The repos don't matter. It's looked at by whether or not you installed it the Arch way, which ultimately means following the Installation Guide.

Looked at by whom? Since I don't participate or ask for help in the Arch forum, who cares? Ant doesn't describe his distro as Arch either. It's only an issue if one wants to claim they are using Arch.

I describe myself as using an Arch-repo distro. That is completely accurate. I have never said I use Arch. Never will, since I'm totally not interested in installing things the Arch way.

In an old post on this forum, I actually explained that I tried Apricity in the first place only because it was pretty, not because it was "Arch". Heh.

that manjaro spin you're referring to... is gone bro,
you can add it to the graveyard aswell

Which manjaro spin? Apricity and Archdeepin used Arch repos, not Manjaro's.

And Apricity may be gone, but my install from end 2015 (beta iso) is still rolling on Arch-only repos.

ant's spins.
his website is offline, his spin are not up to date, and he had some conflicts with some users on the forum here...

ps: best OS, is fresh OS

Ah, I see. I didn't know that. But again:

  1. it was an Arch-repo spin, not Manjaro-repo spin;
  2. if the iso is outdated, no one should be installing it now. But as a multibooter, my Archdeepin install from May/June is still running and rolling fine and fresh.

I got involved in this thread for only 2 reasons:

  1. to point out that Condres was an attempt to continue Apricity, it was not Namib.
  2. to point out that both Apricity and now Condres should have given their CURRENT users instructions on how they could continue with their distro even if the devs closed shop. And within that context, Archdeepin was mentioned because there is no other repo enabled in Archdeepin. Once installed, it's just Arch repos. So it doesn't matter if the spin or iso itself is no longer available to newcomers who are interested; for current users they can just continue using Archdeepin without needing to disable repos or remove packages previously maintained by the developer.

We have already removed everything related to Condres OS and the ad you find here is available:

Warning: it is not possible to migrate the system to Arch Linux, as many packages have been created specifically on Condres and create system instability. If you do not wish to have problems, we advise you to make a backup and install Manjaro Linux or Endevour OS.

not spins, they are made from archiso

the website is offline, it was free hosting (archwiki is free)

I update them every month mostly, keeps the end user updates to a minimum, not updated this months yet because of deepin devs & the changes to the arch base.

conflicts with an arrogant individual that kept spamming my posts, he has been warned multiple times by admins.

I made archdeepin for people who can install arch but didn't want to spend the time & effort installing it. I would always recommend installing arch 'the arch way' if archdeepin is the hurdle to that end and it gets them off spyware data collecting OSes then its all good in my book.

Interesting as to why your here :thinking:


EndeavourOS is another distro with terrible packaging like Condres

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I would like to understand the terrible reason. What's wrong?

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