Closing Dolphin cancels extraction process

It’s a bug. When I close Dolphin, it also cancels the ongoing extraction process of archives.

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If you use the option Open archives as folder and you “extract” content of an archive via that, then closing Dolphin will interrupt the extraction. Use Ark to extract or via the Extract Context Menu, there should be no such issue.

It’s a bug. Earlier it was okay. But probably after the last update, I’m facing the problem.

The earlier behavior could be the bugged one. A process should not be allowed to continue if the parent process is closed. Which was the case before.

If you used Dolphin to extract archives and you close dolphin mid-extraction, it should terminate the extraction process. Else you can have lingering processes around for ages.

So the new behavior is correct, in my opinion.

If I go to the rightclick Extract menuy and select any of the optiuons there once the operation dstarts I should be able to close Dolphin without the extraction process stopping. It’s indipendent of Dolphin

No. It’s part of dolphin. It’s a dolphin action.

It’s a Dolphin action but it should not do that, it makes no sense. It should continue to extract. It is a bug in my opinion and should be reported to KDE.

//EDIT: it does the same with compressing, closing Dolphin cancels the compression with a message in notifications like “the application unexpectedly terminated”.

//EDIT2: I asked a KDE dev and no, it is not the intended behavior, and should be fixed in later update

Hi, just quick question about Dolphin, is it normal that closing Dolphin after initiating a compression or extraction from context menu, cancels the compression or extraction?

No, and I think it’s fixed in the latest version.

Wait and see.



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I’m glad people call out bugs for what they are.

KDE has a recent history of breakage with Dolphin, extracting files, and other related problems.

As a KDE user, I cannot just accept breakages and try to justify them with workarounds in desktop usage.

“Oh, I don’t really need thumbnails to be cached.”

“Oh, it’s fine. I’ll just have to leave the Dolphin window open when extracting or compressing files.”

“Oh, it’s fine. I’ll just wait for the notifier to unglitch when copying from a network share a few MB of files that is taking almost 5 minutes because of a backend bug with KDE.”

“Oh, it’s fine. I just lost all of my sticky notes because of an update to KDE. They’re still somewhere saved in some obscure config file in a hidden folder. I’ll get around to figuring out how to restore them.”

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Unfortunately this is the “issue” with cutting edge software. You got all the new stuff as soon as they release, and all the bugs that were introduced with them. I wished the quality control was better but I’m still satisfied of the situation, I prefer having the new stuff as soon as possible.

It’s not always because it’s “new”. Sometimes the developers chase after solutions to problems that don’t exist. They over complicate things, but are incessant on pursuing these “ideas”.

And due to the nature of KDE and what it is, it’s a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the latest version fixes bugs from an earlier release… but this same update of the KDE/Plasma software introduces new bugs for “features” they tried to “improve”.

Thanks for that, much appreciated.

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Yea agree pretty satisfied over all. Only one real issue that’s not stopping me from doing anything. A message I have to click OK to when I go to login. I search for a solution tomorrow, and create a post if I don’t find a solution.