Closed my terminal during the latest Testing update. How can I make sure that my system will still work?


Unfortunately, I closed the wrong terminal while the system was doing an update. How can I make sure that my computer will still work once I reboot it ?
Is there anyway to re-do the update or make sure that everything was updated properly ?

Thank you very much for your help !


I would re-run the update command to ensure everything completed updating.

Hello NGr,
Thank you for your answer ! I’ve re-run paru, and it only restarted the upgrade of some packages from the AUR. Pacman -Syu says that there is nothing to do.
Can I expect everything to be ok ?

If you can run pacman -Syu without any problem (it might have failed due to a locked database, it didn’t, right?) then, this should be fine.

You should still run sudo mkinitcpio -P to rebuild the initramfs. Also, update the bootloader with sudo update-grub.

If you used paru instead of pacman, some AUR packages might not be up-to-date which you already saw. I guess, you killed the update process during AUR building, which means that the other packages were finished.

I didn’t get a locked database indeed!
I’ll rebuild initramfs and update the bootloader as you said.

I’ll mark your post as the solution once I reboot the computer!
Thank you very much to both of you.

To be on the very safe side, you should keep a live-USB drive around. Then, it’s very easy to fix possible issues in a chroot environment.

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