Close Icon is missing on Gnome Overview

After using Loginized to change the background on Login the Close button appears to be missing or corrupted. i used gdm tools to reset it after seeing someone said it should fix it but it didnt and it still look broken. Is there any way to fix it except reinstalling the os

I’m not sure how to solve your problem, you are not alone with this issue tho, see link below. One proposed solution would be to change your theme in the thread below.

The loginized project page reports: As from Gnome 3.36 onwards (GNOME 3.36 Release Notes) some or even all of the functionality might not work as expected.

Are you sure this issue is caused by the installation of loginized and what tool have you used to reset the settings?

One option is to reinstall the manjaro-gdm-theme& manjaro-gdm-branding packages that , although that might make it worse. Make sure you have a working backup / backup your important data.

Edit: Does disabling all the extensions, logging out and in change the situation?