Cloning system to a archive [SOLVED]

Hello Everyone!

I would like to know how to clone my entire system including my partitions onto an archive. I have tried using the arch linux wiki but it seems to end up creating an archive as large as my system. basicly I would like to know how Manjaro does it for there arm downloads. Help would be appreciated!


To clone an existing system whatever it is. You can use the command dd
Your source disk is /dev/sda and your image file mydisk.img

dd if=/dev/sda of=~/mydisk.img bs=4M

But the above command create a file with the same size of source.
With compression

dd if=/dev/sda bs=4M | zstd -o ~/mydisk.img.zst

Now if you are looking to create from scratch your own image for ARM. The process is much more longer and complex. Manjaro ARM team create helper tools and a wiki to describe the procedure.
I personally give up to create my own ARM image for a non-existent linux distribution. I am using Manjaro image.

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Thanks @kurdy your alot of help!

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