Cloning linux ssd to clone over existing windows ssd


I have 2 x SSD on my computer and 1 x HDD.

I started off with windows on a SSD and manjaro on the other and use the HDD just for storage.
The whole thing is quite messy as to start with window and linux were in different boot modes. I think linux is EUFI and windows is…something else.

I’ve known for a while that my linux SSD is on the fritz, I have to boot into linux via the bios and select the drive, and thats only when the drive shows up, othertimes when the drive does show up its a 50/50 weather it will boot up into linux or i have to go through the whole thing again.

I was looking at a new SSD to replace the linux one but got thinking, I can’t even remember the last time i booted into windows. I think I booted into it once when I wanted to burn a new manjaro CD and not since.

I was thinking if possible could I use Gparted to clone the linux drive, wipe over windows and put the clone over that? Ive seen videos and tutorials of people copy and pasting partitions but not whole drives. I can’t even copy anything in manjaro while its mounted so im not sure how i would go about this.

Also, is this the best way? Sure I could wipe windows and throw in the CD and do it that way but I’ve got tweeks to pulseaudio and nvidia that took me a while to do and dont want to do all that again.

Thanks for advice.

Well you could make a backup using Timeshift and restore it on your “windows” SSD or use a tool like Clonezilla.

im going with the timeshift option. Is there a way I can rename SDD? at the moment on the boot up the two SSD are listen as identical because theyre the same type of device. Like, can I name one, OLD and one NEW?

no be very careful
recheck with

sudo parted -l 
sudo fdisk -l 

for the good /dev/sdX

I ended up just installing from disk then copying over the files I needed.

I did mess with timeshift but I shouldn’t have, I’m a noob.

Not sure if timeshift renamed the good ssd as the old one? Is that possible?

Anyway, formatted the broken ssd then just deleted in gparted.

Now that drive doesn’t show up at all, but the HDD storage drive seems to not get detected sometimes. I didn’t even touch that one.