Cloning hard drive data

I have two 3TB spinner drives and recently discovered some bad sectors on one of them. I have two new 12TB drives arriving tomorrow. I haven’t yet decided if I want to configure them in RAID or not. The old drives contain a mix of NTFS and EXT4 partitions. What is the best way of cloning the data from old to new, given the fact I may get some read errors on the old.

Hi @Twifty,

I’d recommend dd if there was nothing wrong. But given that fact, I recommend looking at something like Clonezilla or even rclone.

(P.S.: I’ve never used rclone for local clones, only for cloning to the cloud, but I’m sure it’ll work. I’ve also never used Clonezilla before, but from what I’ve heard it’ll do the job.)

I used clonezilla yesterday for the first time to clone my hdd to a new ssd drive.
it’s really easy to use and it has the posibility to clone disk to disk or partition to disk. it also does a check of the partitions before copy.

Unfortunately clonezilla would only list /dev/sda as the source partitions. It failed to see sdb, sdc and nvme. I ended up using gparted to copy paste the partitions, all went smoothly.

As long as you managed!

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