Cloning entire disc on eMMC fails

Do you still have the full version installed on the SD card?

I’ve never had it… The only place where it started installing it was on the internal memory after installing it on the external and removing the SD…

Does /dev/mmcblk1 represent internal memory of your device?

Yes it does.

Well I just checked and it seems that it’s actually MMCBLK2…

it’s represented with 2 not with 1

Do I understand correctly that you have Manjaro already installed to /dev/mmcblk1 and you want it copy to /dev/mmcblk2 and boot from the second one in the future?

no it’s already on the internal memory and it was copied from an external device… The problem is that it’s behaving exactly as it did on the SD card… That is after finishing the installation and restarting I don’t have access to the full version…

So you only have an installation image. You have to install Manrajo from it instead of trying to clone it anywhere

As I already mentioned I did this but it remained on the SD card. So I tried to boot from the SD card and succeeded and had another bootable USB stick which I cloned the image from to the internal memory. And then I started the installation on the eMMC which I couldn’t when I followed the steps you just described. I was pulling the SD card out and it just failed to boot.

It starts getting on my nerves. It might be that since 2022 they actually compiled the image for pine book pro with the generic image. And I used the pb pro one. Last time I installed Manjaro I did it from the generic one and I succeeded but to my astonishment it was KDE not GNOME although the image I made the kit from was named GNOME.