Clock keeps resetting to 24-hour vs. 12-hour



Every time I reboot the clock in my dock/tray resets back to 24-hour. How do I get it to stay in 12-hour mode?



I did a few searches inside the forum here, as it seemed to be a problem specific to DeepinDE. I did not do the specific search you mentioned, although first glance tells me it wouldn’t have helped.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I probably average around 100 Google searches a day, maybe more.

Speaking of not useful, the two results mentioned do not address my issue. I have no problem changing the time to 12-hour format, but it resets to 24-hour format on every reboot.

But hey, guess I’ll just move this issue to Google and figure it out myself.


And why do you address me something that was said by somebody else?
If it happened that i read about deepin and 12 vs 24 hour clock some time ago, and is not useful for you, you can move along.
The gsettings set com.deepin.dde.datetime is-24hour false would prevent the very thing is happening on your install, but probably depends if you run it as user or as superuser.

I can’t speak for everyone but i have 210 solved issues on this forum, but i don’t expect to have all my interventions as solutions, nor to be regarded to such high personal expectations from OP.


@bogdancovaciu I edited my post but you didn’t see that before you responded. It took me a few minutes to realize that you were just linking to another post.


Bogdan - I ran the gsettings command as me and rebooted but it didn’t resolve the issue. I ran it as sudo but it threw an error.

The resolution appears to be this: In the dock, when you right-click the clock, select Time Settings. Then select Time Settings in the side panel. The time displayed will be in 24-hour format, always. Ignore that. Make sure it is the correct time, then click CONFIRM. You will be prompted for the Admin password. This saves any changes.

If you right-click on the clock in the dock and select ‘12-hour Time’ it will adjust the clock to the appropriate time and add either AM or PM. If you don’t see AM or PM it is displaying in 24-hour Time. That’s the part I was missing.


I’m doing an install right now as Deepin was not in my installed DE list. On live media i can set the time to 12 hours by right click, but opening the dconf editor seems to keep the 24 hours format.


That is real sign that if i log out or reboot will be defaulted to 24 hours.
BRB once is installed. 2 minutes top.

The settings survived the reboot

I will make the updates and see if there is some bug that was introduced, or we have too look at some permissions in the home folder + if making use of dconf editor if something changes.

in ~/.config/deepin/dde-dock-datetime.conf it seems i have it to:


and this are the permissions, remained so also after update


Just throwing it out there, I have this issue as well. I want to use 12 hr time format, but after a reboot it always defaults to 24 hr time format.