Clock is off by one hour in new install - how to fix?

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I’ve installed Manjaro 20.2rc on my laptop using the XFCE installer. There’s something weird, though. I’m in France, so the whole country is on Paris time, yet set to Paris time, the clock is one hour ahead, as if the return of winter is not taken into account. I can’t find anything by searching (too many false positives), but I’ll bet there’s a command I don’t know. Help, please?

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Maybe you didn’t find this?



Dual booting I presume?


Not exactly. I have Manjaro on a USB-read SD card, but it still shares grub. What’s weird is that the installer disk had the same problem, but Windows doesn’t. I’ll check out your Windows instruction page, too.

Yep (blush) that was it. It didn’t reset when I applied, only when I “quit” the window. Thanks!

Not weird at all.

Windows sets the hardware clock to local timezone.

Any Linux expects hardware clock to be UTC - which will set the clock off with the difference between UTC and TZ

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