ClipIt does not paste (neither does Clipster)

The default installation of ClipIt that comes with Manjaro i3 runs and works as far as copying to the clipboard goes. Activating its history menu via the tray icon or the keyboard shortcut also works, however, when selecting an entry, it doesn’t get pasted into the currently active window.

I then installed Clipster from AUR, set it up, and it suffers from the exact same problem. Selecting from its popup menu does nothing.

This leads me to believe that the problem is something to do with my Manjaro install rather than the particular clipboard manager.

Does anyone have any idea where to start looking to try to debug this?

(Normal copy/paste via Ctrl-C/V works just fine.)

I’ve looked over the Clipit documentation and I don’t see the auto-pasting you mention as a feature. Is this something that has worked in the past, or maybe I’m misunderstanding your request?

Thanks for replying, and apologies for the extremely late reply! (I have now enabled email notifications.)

I assumed the clipboard history would work the same way as similar tools on Mac and Windows, where you just select an entry to paste. But now, after reading your reply, I realised that selecting the entry in the tray menu, and then hitting Ctrl-V does the job. So it actually works! Can’t believe I never tried that.