Clipgrab not working anymore (youtube) ? (note)

Anybody using the program ? As of today, it can't download any YT video. Seems to still work with vimeo.
This is not a Linux problem as the Windows version can't either now.

Latest version 3.8.4

Google finally found a parade ?

Latest qt5 version is 3.8.4-1 from Aug. 24th, 2019. Is this the version you are running? If you are running the package from the community repository but not this version - update your system.

If you are running the KDE version from AUR and your version is older you need to update it (after system update) with PAMAC or using your AUR helper.

Same issue using JDownloader and Video DownloadHelper on macOS. Your software is not the issue. Youtube's found a way to keep their video and audio files away.

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If you test with youtube-dl it ends with:
ERROR: This video is unavailable.
Regardless the fact that you just watched that video :slight_smile:

Happened before. Probably will take a day or five before a fix comes out.

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Yes and I have the same problem.

But...the package from the community repository is 3.8.4-1 (unstable branch and updated system).

I was not sure 3.8.4 could mean for example 3.8.4-0, so to be on the safe side I posted the full version number... Anyway, I guess we have to wait for the next fix as @Beardedgeek72 mentioned.

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Like I said it is the same thing on Windows 10 (latest 3.8.4). I sent an email to the developer to get his attention. Did happen before and he always got it back somehow, screwing Google again.

Seems it has been fixed already:


yaaassssss solved here as well! phew...

Yes back to normal. This is the answer I got from the developer, Philipp Schmieder Medien. Nice guy. If you can spare a few pennies, he deserve it.


thank you for your message.

Several users were experiencing this issue yesterday. It seems like this was due to a temporary change on the YouTube servers and everything should be back to normal now.

Iā€™m already working on a fix in case YouTube should make this change again

All the best

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