Clipboard resets

Everytime I copy something from the browser It’ll copy it to my clipboard but as soon as I close the browser the copied item disappers );

Is Clipman set like this?


yep, its like that

I cannot duplicate this issue and I have removed clipman.

xfce, unstable branch, FFx64 nightly

Well, Let’s wait for the feeback from @bogdancovaciu

Can’t reproduce. Tested with Chromium, Firefox and Opera.

This is how the other tabs look like in Clipman Settings



I rechecked everything and it is the same as the config your using @bogdancovaciu I reproduced the issue by doing the following.

Video Link - streamable,com/4jry0d

Please replace the ‘,’ with ‘.’ I can’t post link and nor can upload the video directly.

But is the entry still available in Clipboard if you click on the icon in Panel ?

Nop, It is empty when I copy something from browser & other apps and close it.

Also It is available in the clipboard till the application is open.

Still can’t reproduce the issue. My clipboard content is kept in Clipman even after reboot, all 15 entries.

Do you have the same version and no other clipboard manager running?


any clue @bogdancovaciu