Clipboard in manjaro sway edition


I am wondering if there is any clipboard manager application that works with wayland in Manjaro Sway? I am so used to a clipboard manager; I have been using one in my Gnome system for a long time. I find having to copy paste option in sway less practical.

I know there are quite a few clipboard managers out there; but I am seeking one that is preferably Wayland native.

Do I need to install a clipboard manager? If so, how can I find a Wayland native/compatible one?


We can have a look here and check for Wayland native tools: GitHub - natpen/awesome-wayland: A curated list of Wayland code and resources.

Eventually they are not yet part of the official repo and have to be build manually.

I compiled one of the clipboard managers to test and see from AUR repositories. I had the experience of having a boost of memory consumption (about 10% more) after the install. So, I ended up looking for a lightweight and “basic” clipboard manager that does not consume memory.

I am new to Manjaro/Arch and I understand installing software from AUR may introduce stability problems. So, I ended up uninstalling it.

As far as I can tell from the list of Wayland native applications linked above there is just ONE clipboard manager for Wayland: clipman. I was able to compile it on my Pinebook Pro from AUR successfully, but haven’t yet figured out how to hook it into my system.

If you have already some experience with it, it would be nice to share it here so I get a jumpstart on it…


No, as soon as I saw the memory consumption jump I uninstalled the app. I didn’t bother to learn how I could integrate to the system.

Sorry, I realized one of the two clipboard managers is command-line. And clipman is using it as a backend/dependency.