Clipboard delay from certain apps

I believe explicitly from 3D games, copy-paste works fine inside the game, but outside (to kate, chrome, etc) there is a significant (5-10 second) delay and a UI freeze when pasting. This has occurred through many kernels and re-installations over the years, but I just now am bothering to report.

The game I am running that gives me the most trouble is SecondLife using the Firestorm viewer. Any copy-paste action within it is instant. Pasting outside of it is 5-10 second delay. Pasting back into it is instant (whether that copy originated inside or out). Only if the clipboard contents originated from inside the 3d application, and are pasted outside of it, is there a delay, and is repeated every paste.

Additional notes:
Issue does not occur in all programs run using prime-run
Issue does not occur in an identical installation of Firestorm viewer using Wine
While not currently happening, I do have experience with GIMP consistently crashing on copy/cut of images after I’ve had an OS installed for a while.
I want to say it doesnt happen on clean install from scratch, but only after doing a kernel update the first time (regardless of which). This may not be accurate. I have only updated once since a clean install, so I could attempt to revert if that may be helpful.

I’m not sure what additional information would be helpful. Thank you for your time!

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  3. The output of:

    free --human

    would be helpful as well before and after you have the delay!


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