Clicking on a result in DDG to a manjaro topic,brings to another one

since yesterday i noticed twice that results as they appear in DDG bring to another topic in the forum.
current example:
i search for “pacman-mirrors.conf”, one of the results is Mailnag applet for Plasma 5 clicking on it brings me to Mailnag applet for Plasma 5.
i can’t remember what i was looking for yesterday,but i got the same miss redirect.
see how they got the same name after posting this topic,but hovering over them brings different addresses. seems to be a page that was deleted.

You don’t need the number after it as: redirects to the correct page.

Let’s see if the mods (who can see deleted pages, I cannot) can shed a light on this.



so that’s new(i think),i used to get redirected to the old forum and add “archived.” before “forum” and could see the content, but apparently that’s not happening anymore?
instead I’m getting redirected to some non related active topic.