Click gets stuck on hold on steam window

On cinnamon my click gets stuck on steam’s window. I mean I click once and then click starts to move the window? (like I was holding it)
it usually comes with a 1-2 frame lag/freeze

I have experienced similar issues - in my case it is construction of the mouse (Razer) and the parts which makes out for mouse button becomes slightly deformed over time thus keeping the switch inside activated.

I didn’t have any problems with it on windows even. only happens in cinnamon for some reason. even on mint!
kde and xfce was fine when I tested it.

Cinnamon is a product of Linux Mint. With the presence on multiple versions of Cinnamon - even on Mint’s Cinnamon releases - but not on KDE or XFCE - it is package specific and should be raised using the Mint issue tracker.