CLI Manjaro without Architect?

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First post here! I’m coming to you with a question regarding the installation of a lightweight CLI version of Manjaro. I enjoy using Manjaro on servers I support for myself and friends and have been successfully installing a pretty light CLI-only version of the OS using the Architect ISO. However, as you may know with the latest update Architect has been dropped (which also makes older Architect isos unusable).

What is the easiest and most painless way to install a CLI Manjaro now? My problem with the other editions is that even the “minimal” versions come with a lot of extra packages aside from the desktop environment such as browsers and the like, and if I install one of those and try to get rid of the DE it would take a lot of time and effort making sure that every extra package is gone, and I could always miss something.

Thanks in advance!

Try to get hold of a slightly older iso, where Architect is still included. You should be fine updating from there, if the iso is only a couple updates behind…

Wish that would work, but updating an older architect and installing from that makes the installation unbootable, even when using the same bootloader (grub) and the same kernel and settings as before.

Here it is…

…it’s not cli, it’s the arch way.


There is a shortcut for Architect on KDE / Gnome desktop of Live USB (Don’t know about other flavours) and it works fine.

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