Clementine / Strawberry issue with wma files

It works, but generates files +/- 2.5 times larger.

But how will I know if they’re being used by other apps?

Sorry. It didn’t work.

Sorry. It didn’t work too.

Audacious is the one that has been getting closer to the functionalities of Clementine and Strawberry. The issue is that if I forget I’m on Audacious and open an audio file from the file manager, it stops the current playing song and goes to the last one added.

Here is a wma that works for testing. It’s 13 seconds long. When it fails it stops by 8-9 sec.

That was one of your possible choices moving forwards. You’ll have larger files, but hassle-free and without any issues nor errors, and practically the same 100% quality as the originals. You can keep your original WMA for posterity / archival reasons.

If you want the extra set of OPUS files to output smaller sizes, you can use a lower bitrate, such as 160k or 192k. OPUS shines surprisingly well even at medium and low bitrates.

ffmpeg -i "Name of Song.wma" -acodec libopus -b:a 160k "Name of Song.ogg"

+1 on choosing opus for encoding. it is true that it keeps more details (both bitrate and personal perceived quality :-p ), for given file size compare to m4a or mp3.