Cleared Orphans in Pamac rebooted to black screen

As the topic says I decided to clear all the orphan files in pamac.I noticed linux513-nvidia in orphans and didn’t think about it before I cleared it.I did reboot to see if it mattered and yes it did got a blank screen.I rebooted with the 510 kernel and everything was fine again so I reinstalled linux513-nvidia and rebooted with the 513 kernel and everything is now ok.My question is why was that driver in orphans as since i reinstalled it theres nothing in orphans now so all is back to normal.

The reason it was in orphans and now it isn’t is because it was installed as a dependency at first, but now it was explicitly installed. You should never clean orphans without taking a second look at the list of packages.

Thanks for the reply I knew better to delete it but I did it anyway.I’m still getting used to Manjaro and at least I figured out my mistake.

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