Clear linux as desktop os

An article about installing and running clear in a desktop environment.
My take is the speed is not worth the hassle. Unless maybe you have a specific use case that will benefit. Interesting that this also works for AMD threadripper.
Too bad Intel doesn't make their c/c++ compliers freely available.

I think the real use case for clear linux besides benchmarking. Is data center and workstation type of work.


I will stay with Manjaro until it breaks three times. :sunglasses:

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I agree. Looking at multi-threaded scaling performance it is one of the best distros. Compared to Windows 10 you will get better performance on multi threaded tasks using Clear linux.

As long as the specific cases really benefit. Of course if they keep working on it I imagine the things it is good at will grow.

I'd also read this article a few hours ago. It made me feel absolutely no revived sense of appreciation for this distro since my mediocre fiddling with it in a VM before. Its weird package management scheme particularly leaves me cold.

My VM Notes

4/6/19: Created from "clear-29690-live-desktop.iso". Methodology per
FFS, can't even install it in the VM; fails during boot with systemd-journald errors "Failed to create new system <<& new user>> journal: No space left on device". Faaaarque.
22/1/20: Tried again with new "clear-32090-live-desktop.iso".
Minimum password accepted in the Installer is 8 characters. i set it to auto-login.
Once i realised that this is only GNOME, i lost most of my erstwhile interest & so did the installation simply with its auto-partitioner. Unlike the initial attempt 7 months ago, at least this installation did succeed. Ie, the installation finished sans-errors, & the subsequent reboot & login was fine. This time i'd discovered that this ISO must be set for EFI boot in the VM, so maybe in my original attempt i'd missed that?
There's really nothing to be excited about here; tis just another GNOME ... the world really needed yet another one... :wink:


I think it is cool that CentOS 8 (my other fav OS) came in #3. :slight_smile:


I'm thinking that Scientific Applications is where Clear Linux excels at. But I could be wrong and I'm thing of another distro.

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There is a linux distro base on Red Hat. Called Scientific Linux.

Thanks. Is it more up to date then RHEL?

I thought it was an ex-parrot. :woman_shrugging:

Beautiful plumage, though...

It's definitely too complicated for most of us here, myself included.

Just don't look at that Geometric Mean graph..

Nothing wrong with CentOS. I'm tempted to put it on a brand new machine solely to see if they both last the 10 years of CentOS 8's support cycle. Or put it on an already 10-year old laptop, to see if it can become a still-operating 20-year old laptop. Choices, choices... :smiley:

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Um... did you mean this reply for moi? Afaik i've not said a peep about CentOS.

Already there, installed on a 10 year old laptop last Oct. I will look you up in about 10 years and let you know. :wink:

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Ya'll were talking Scientific Linux, a dead RHEL clone.

But it was explicitly SL i mentioned, without any commentary at all about its quality good or bad. I merely pointed out its reported demise. Still can't fathom how your post relates to mine. Probably i need sleep.

I've been using 8-Stream off-and-on. Things got discombobulated when I added my dead Dad's laptop to the collection. It's still got Win 7 on it. :frowning:

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It doesn't, really, other than Enterprise Linux distributions are so few. With Scientific's demise, there are only TWO left, both owned by Red Hat.

Who doesn't? I just woke up and am already in need of a nap. :wink:

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