Cleaning no longer exsisted files from menu in linux

It’s great that recently edited files automatically add this to the menu in cinnamon.

However, it continues to show the file that is no longer in the menu. This disappears if I don’t click for a while :slight_smile:
But I can’t do that I click unconsciously, I’m in a loop.

So, how can I remove manually?

I’m not familiar with Cinnamon, but on my system, the recently accessed files are listed in ~/.local/share/RecentDocuments/. You should be able to delete the entries manually from there.

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Thanks, I didn’t know recently file mechanic in linux

that file located in cinnamon under ~/.local/share/recently-used.xbel
So I deleted following lines in this file…

  <bookmark href="file:///home/axe/Desktop/firefox" added="2022-05-30T14:49:28.178066Z" modified="2022-06-02T09:16:27.876097Z" visited="2022-05-30T14:49:28.178066Z">
        <metadata owner="">                                 
          <mime:mime-type type="text/plain"/>                                     
            <bookmark:application name="gedit" exec="&apos;gedit %u&apos;" modified="2022-06-02T09:16:27.876096Z" count="8"/>

Its solved. Also, privacy in start menu let us change some setting about recent files.

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