Cleaning a failed install

I wanted to install a package called Spleeter and it came with huge dependencies such as Cuda and Tensorflow packages that are taking a lot of hard drive.
I could not install Spleeter and was running out of space on the system partition.
How can I uninstall the dependencies now?

Please have a look at

You could check what are spleeter’s dependencies and remove them manually. Beware not to remove something needed elsewhere!

Which specific section please?

That’s why i am asking. Each dependency i check is related to another one, and another one…

Theoretically you should be able to remove any orphaned packages:

pamac remove $(pamac list --orphans --quiet)

Note: I have never done this, so I take absolutely no responsibility if things go wrong.

Hope this helps!

Whenever removing a package would need to also remove others, your package manager will either tell you it can’t remove that package, or list all package that would also be removed.

You can also ask pacman to only tell what it would do, rather than actually doing it:

-p, --print
Only print the targets instead of performing the actual operation (sync, remove or upgrade).

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I already cleaned orphaned packages but I tried to install Spleeter with AUR. As the dependencies are installed but not Spleeter I am not sure they would appear as dependencies for Spleeter.

Also no package is shown when launching ```
sudo pacman -Qtdq
so i’m a bit confused since I know some dependencies of Spleeter are installed (and are not used I guess).

Maybe shall I run yay -c?

edit: yay -c doesn’t clean anything either.

You can see what pacman did install and when.
Just look through the pacman log.

tac /var/log/pacman.log | less

this will list that log
in reverse order (most recent first)
you can scroll using the up/down arrow keys

So you should be able to find what packages where installed recently in order to build your package - which then failed.

but they will not be required by anything else - the definition of orphans

That’s exactly what I did, went to the pacman log and deleted it manually. Bit long and tedious but i learnt something today :wink:

Thanks for your help people!

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