Class compilant USB DAC converter

I want to buy a USB DAC from RME.
This device is then connected to a USB port.
This device is class compilant.
RME support: works with Windows.
Is there such support from Linux kernel ?

Maybe if you give relevant information about the hardware we can find information.

I haven´t bought the RME ADI-2 DAC FS.

Until now, I can´t provide more information.

So from a quick Google (you know basic “linux + name of hardware” search) you can find plenty information. Should work.

Now there is a difference between working properly, and having full feature set. Maybe you’ll miss some feature available on Windows through their drivers. You should focus on hardware made with Linux in mind, if this company doesn’t support Linux. Now are there companies in this sector that support Linux? I don’t know, I’m using my mother board audio card :rofl:


Then I can buy the DAC.

Here are the drivers for this device: ADI-2-DAC FS - RME Audio Interfaces | Format Converters | Preamps | Network Audio & MADI Solutions

Now, I will see, how the DAC works.

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