Cinnamon update problem

The last update of Cinnamon seems to have introduced a slight problem.

My usual Cinnamon setup is to keep four desktops open, and to enable the upper left Hot Corner to show all work spaces. After the last update if I move the cursor to the upper left Hot Corner in a desktop that has no active tasks, then both the panel and the desktop icons in all four work spaces disappear. The only way I have found to recover is to do a Windows + L key combination to enable the Melange debugger.

It’s not a huge problem but it is a problem, and it was introduced in the last Cinnamon update.

Hello, since last update of manjaro / cinnamon, i have problems too :

  1. Hot corners doesn’t work anymore (I have to deaactivate / activate them in parameters to let them work … only some minutes)
  2. Screensaver works but screen does not turn off anymore after 10 minutes as before

Note that my manjaro install is from 2015 … never had to reinstall since :slight_smile:
Should I change some parameters ? Where are cinnamon config files ?

thanks for your help

My issue has been resolved. As of the last Cinnamon update (I believe it’s 5.4.8-1) the stated problem is no longer occurring.

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