Cinnamon: The humongous system tray - What can safely be removed?

I like Cinnamon, I am playing around with it but one thing I have found is that the system tray is... looooong. Among other things I keep getting notifications about what program is inhibiting power settings at the moment etc etc.

I ASSUME I can remove the brightness and power controls? Especially since I don't have a battery in my laptop?

As far as I know, you can safely remove any applet that you want from Cinnamon (you can always add them back via the panel's settings)

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I just wasn't sure if removing the power management applet would remove some actual power management settings.
Still toying on a stick, trying to adapt it the way I want it before install.

Removing items from the system try should not normally affect whether those processes are running or not. The system tray is merely a centralized area where (usually background) processes can visually report on their status. Therefore, you can remove from it whatever you like. :slight_smile: