Cinnamon taking up 10% of CPU resources



So, after the updates and fixing my Cinnamon I noticed it is using a lot of CPU. Is there anyway I can find out what is causing this high CPU usage?

My laptop that had the same updates issues have a normal running Cinnamon.



Using the ‘top’ command from terminal shows this:


Try turning off compositing and see if it drops.


That unfortunately did not work. CPU still high.

Is there a method to see what Cinnamon is upto in the background?


It looks like that is a single process, so the answer is no. It is just what it says it is. That being said I would start looking at applets, extensions, and desklets to see if one of them is rogue and causing the issue.

Also check on login and make sure it is not on software render mode. Lastly create a new user and login to that user and see if the abnormal cpu usage is there.


I can’t reproduce that here.

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Will try with a new user. I already checked and it is not running in software mode. There was a old cinnamon startup that I renamed to _old so I could reinstall Cinnamon earlier so removed that but other then that no weird stuff there so far.

Will keep digging. Thanks for the tips.

I hope I can find a solution. This always happens to me when I switch to Linux. There is always a moment within a month where something breaks and that just makes me give up and go back to Windows.

I already fixed a broken update earlier so surely this can’t be any harder…


Well, after removing the old conflicting files from cinnamon-settings-daemon earlier that I renamed so I could reinstall the cinnamon-settings-daemon, the performance improved after a restart.

It started out around 8% and slowly over 5 minutes or so went down to 1%. Still high but not as high anymore.

I renamed a few .desktop files regarding cinnamon-settings-daemon, but when doing it the GUI way the system decided to name it .desktop_old.desktop, so I guess it was still being loaded.

Performance is better now but not there yet. I believe Cinnamon should be less then 0.5%.


On my Cinnamon install, just sitting there with a bunch of applications open and htop running in a terminal, the cinnamon process typically takes up about 0.7% of cpu, while it sometimes goes up to 1.3% and sometimes drops down to 0%. My inxi here.

Switching windows, wiggling the mouse, doing whatever can easily make the cinnamon process grab 5 to 30% cpu, but only briefly.

I think you’re good again, I’d say 1% is normal.


Good to hear. It seems it’s in general it is now 1.3%/1.8%. I can game again as well!

Guess I have learned now to do such renaming by the terminal next time since on my laptop the renaming went correct because I did not had access to a DE and had to rename through the terminal.

I just wanted to rename quickly instead of typing 30 lines manually (with tab completion). Still took me around 25 minutes (plus rereading my command trice to not ■■■■ things up)!


After a broken and repaired system update, my cinnamon is laggy and also has a high cpu usage.
Strangly htop shows many cinnamon-settings-daemon services three times. Is this normal?


My issue was that I had double files at the following location:


I had a issue where I renamed the old .desktop files, but since I did the renaming with the GUI, it became ".desktop_old.desktop".

So because of that, everything got loaded twice.

See if you see the same *.desktop files there, I am no export, but every file should only be there once, if it isn’t, they get loaded twice, hence the CPU usage increase and probably memory as well.


No double files for me.

Now I realised that at the login screen it was set to cinnamon2d all the time :sweat_smile:

It seems I’m back to normal now.