"cinnamon --replace" process sucking up the cpu


I've got a situation that just seems to have started. A process called "cinnamon --replace" is SUCKING up my cpu's and there are multiple copies of them. It is causing youtube videos to break up. I rolled back to a few days ago with timeshift and it seemed to have fixed it but it's back. I was wondering if anyone else has seen this problem. I'm about to change to a different DE but really don't want to.

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PS. I dual booted with Mint and checked the process. It seems to behave itself and there is only one.

Having the same problems. After some research, I discovered some of the panel widgets I wanted to use was causing my headaches. There are warnings when you use some widgets. My solutions was to used the Bash Widget to create scripts to display what I wanted. This minimized my major issues with "cinnamon --replace".

Hi and thanks for the response. I just installed cinnamon in a VM to see if the problem persisted. I have no panel widgets other then the default and still have 31 instances of the process running. I'm at a loss as to where to look next except for the cinnamon code itself.

Try disabling bluetooth and see if it persists.

I just checked to be sure but bluetooth is not enabled in the VM. It was with my HD installation though.

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Hmm, let's make sure you're fully updated, yeah?

sudo pacman-mirrors -f5 && sudo pacman -Syyu

I'm seeing (Google searches) that there's perhaps a crazed python component causing it (Bluetooth has also been the culprit).

I wish I had better news. It did look like it sync'd some mirrors but no updates. And no change on number or cpu sucking. I did some searching on the internet also and came up with very little in the way of suggestions.

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Welp, at least we know you're fully updated! :grin:

So, I don't use Cinnamon so I'm totally reliant on searching for stuff.
My last suggestion, because you're right there's not a lot of relevant info on this issue.

Someone on the Arch forums posted this tidbit.

I managed to solve this problem by removing "Window List With App Grouping" applet from my panel, then i went back to default one "Window list".

It's from two years ago so it might not be terribly relevant. :woman_shrugging:

I just dumped all applets except the menu and no effect. Man... I'll keep looking but I'm not sure what else I can turn off.

After you kill any applets you might have missed. Reboot. Just to be sure.

Other than that, I'm out of suggestions. Sorry, I wish I could do more. :frowning:

If you decide to change DEs. Mate is a great lightweight alternative. I use it on my Craptop and I've very happy with it.

However, I do hope someone has some ideas beyond mine to help you get this sorted. :grin:

Thanks for the help. I am in fact now running Mate. I've managed to learn it enough that it's remarkably like what I'm used to. I'm still hoping I can get to the bottom of this problem if for no other reason than to assist other Cinnamon lovers. Although in my case Mate is changing my mind. :slight_smile:


I just switched from being a Long-Time user of Mate. I've had been waiting a long-time for Cinnamon to get to the level of stability that I had always had with Mate. Cinnamon 4.2 allowed me to move away from Mate.

Looking at how Cinnamon runs, it appears the multiple instances of "cinnamon --replace" are normal. Just like how Chromium runs with multiple instances. Now, I had a couple of those "cinnamon --replace" instances taking a lot of CPU resources. Once I killed the Panel Widgets causing the main problems, those remaining "cinnamon --replace" dropped to very low CPU usage.

Usually only one instance is using the most cpu cycles. The others don't use much at all. On mint there is only one instance with very little cpu usage.

I have a 4-bay 2.5" drive cage I use in my desktop/server to test OSes. I have LM 19.2 Cinnamon Beta installed on hardware (No VM's). With no mods, Cinnamon is running with 1 entry in HTOP. When I add a top panel, I start to get multiple "cinnamon --replace" entries with low-CPU usage. But when I add my CPU and GPU Temperature applets, I start getting "cinnamon --replace" entries with much higher CPU usage. When I delete the new panel and re-login, everything is back to normal. I get this same exact behavior in Manjaro as well.

I think what I'm going to try is to install Manjaro Cinnamon on a 256 Gig SSD that I have no other purpose for. The one thing that rings a bell is I use conky that shows both CPU and GPU temps. I'm not going to install conky this time. I've not seen a CPU/GPU applet but I'll look for one. I'll keep you posted here. Thanks for the info.

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Here's what I did.... I installed the Bash Sensors applet and created a one-line script to display my CPU and GPU temps. Works like a charm!

I have a Nvidia GT-1030 and a Xeon CPU.

Here are the script lines:

For the CPU....
ctemp=cat /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp;echo "CPU:" expr $ctemp / 1000"C"

For the GPU....
echo "GPU:" nvidia-smi --query-gpu=temperature.gpu --format=csv,noheader"C"


Thanks.... I just ran the live os for Manjaro and Mint. The results after only installing htop on each is that Mint had 10-15 redundent process but none took much cpu. Manjaro had the same number of processes but had one process that was hogging the processor. Hmmm. Seems the number of processes isn't the issue as much as the one unfriendly one. For now I'm sticking with Manjaro MATE and we'll see where that turns out. So far so good. If I think of something else to try I will... Thanks for all the suggestions.

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You are welcome. I think you will enjoy Manjaro Mate. You will have the occasional issue with QT and GTK themes making some software look weird. Depends on the themes you have installed.

I started using Linux daily on the desktop in 2006 with Linux Mint. In the beginning, Mint used Gnome2. And when Gnome2 died, Mate was forked from it. I've been an avid user of Mate ever since. That is until Mate 1.16. This is when the Mate Project started using QT. I've not been too happy with Mate since. This is why I started using and testing other desktops. Now.... I've settled on Cinnamon.