Cinnamon refusing to launch new processes after a few days of runtime

I've been running the Cinnamon DE for about 4 months now. Recently, the desktop has been reaching a point where a few days after a reboot, the system refuses to launch anymore processes. None of the icons I click on seem to work, but existing apps still seem to function. As I can't even launch a terminal it makes diagnosing this difficult. I can break out of it by doing a Ctrl-Alt-Backspace and then reboot to get back to normal but it will happen again days later. My wife is about ready to insist on re-installing Windows 10. :frowning: What can I do to figure this out? Thanks!

You can probably get to TTY with something like Ctrl+Alt+F# (f3, f4, etc)

Thanks, I'll try that next time it happens.

This happened again last night. Gui stopped launching new apps, so I tried Ctrl-Alt-F3 and so forth, and it would only go to a blank screen. Tried hitting several keys and nothing responded. Eventually hit Ctrl-Alt-Backspace but that didn't do anything either. Finally, Ctrl-Alt-Del seemed to eventually reboot it. Any other ideas what I can check? Would re-installing the system help or maybe going to a different DE? (Although I do hate to give up Cinnamon, I like it a lot)

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