Cinnamon, quick question.

Quick question. Looking in system settings it seems Cinnamon is closer to Xfce than say Gnome when it comes to components.
If i run say Xfce terminal instead of Gnome terminal and set it as default, it works as intended?

Your quest for a perfect desktop is endless. :smile:

Pretty much all the terminals should be interchangeable.

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Seriously, I have used Cinnamon for a few days on a stick and except for not really liking the look of the menu (to be fair I am very picky and I don't really like the Whisker either) it is the best gnome 2 or 3-ish desktop around (feels much more complete and just as modern as Budgie, far better at everything than Mate...)

I am PROBABLY just going back to Xfce, but I am not sure yet.

It is years more mature than Budgie so it should.

Out of curiosity, why don't you like the gnome terminal?

But in the linux world "Mature" often means "dated". Look at Mate. I get you mean what I mean tho. It is modern looking but has all the features Budgie's lacking. And the stability of Xfce, almost.

Xfce terminal is just my absolute favorite one.

In this case, it means not immature. Budgie is still very young for a DE, like Deepin. Still evolving into whatever it will turn out to be.

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Being forced to dance to the Gnome team's pipe to keep thins working doesn't make it easier, I guess.

yes, xfce4-terminal is independent and interchangable
(on gtk DE's and most WM's)


Yes. I have tilix set as my default terminal and this works fine too.

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Thank you. I will screw around with it a bit more on a live stick but I am switching from gnome this weekend. It's up in the air between Cinnamon (which I have never used) and Xfce (because i am very comfortable in it).

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Here's a more thorough answer:
It can do absolutely everything Gnome Terminal can, plus a few more things, and uses a third of the resources. While transparent.

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