Cinnamon Pix problem.

Since the most recent update to Cinnamon,Pix has developed a problem.
Inserting a Camera SD card usually gets a prompt that leads to Pix opening for file transfer. After a very brief busy prompt nothing else happens.
Selecting pix from the menu or right click does nothing, a reboot is required.
I have removed and reinstalled the Cinnamon environment but the situation prevails.
Calling Pix from a terminal results in nothing,unless sudo is used.

Hmmm. No Takers.
It appears that Pix is looking for ,shared object library, but is installed. There doesnt appear to be a fallback version either.

This may work:

sudo ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

But I just installed pix and it runs fine here. Is your system up to date?

Yes Xircon, a few days ago. Will try your suggestion and come back to you.
BINGO! Neat solution,some sort of redirection?

Yes, a symbolic link.

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Now in my Notebook! :slight_smile:

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