Cinnamon not showing Videos "AVI" Thumbnails

I use Manjaro Cinnamon 23.0.1.
However, I have a small problem regarding the icons (Thumbnails) of the videos.

The only format not recognized is “Avi” where it does not show any icon.

For all other formats, old (mpg, wmv) to current ones (mp4, mkv) it shows the icons,
but those in “avi” format don’t show anything.

I’m sending prints of the videos as a sample: thumbnails of all formats appear,
except for videos in Avi.

I already tried installing codecs and it didn’t work. In Nemo’s preferences, I left it checked in preview
for files smaller than 16GB and it didn’t work either.

Video players (Celluloid, VLC and SMPlayer) read videos normally, but thumbnails remain not appearing.

Is there a solution for this, for Thumbnails in AVI to appear? I have several videos in this format and would like some help if possible, thank you.

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You should be able to change that somewhere in the file manager settings. Probably, look for ‘mime types’, to find the right section.

I don’t use Cinnamon, so I can’t help beyond that. Cheers.

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A detail that I discovered on my own: if I select the file and click F2, and in place of “avi” I write “mpeg”, then the icon appears normal.
After that, if I rename it to ‘Avi’ again, minutes later the icon returns to how it was before, with nothing.
I haven’t discovered the solution to this yet, but it’s something.

I found a solution: the Dolphin file manager. I installed Dolphin and it is showing the thumbnails of all videos, including those in avi format. And with that, Nemo also started showing Thumbnails in avi.

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When you installed Dolphin, the MIME Types were probably updated to include AVIs. It’s been a while since I used Cinnamon, but you can edit the MIME types, there are multiple articles available on the web.


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I uninstalled ffmpegthumbnailer and installed gthumb after running “gthumb ~/Videos” and rebooting all thumbnails are there.

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I’m new on the Manjaro and i never did this.How do I edit the MIME types? Is it some command via Terminal? Or is it through the File System? Anyway, thanks for the tip. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think its a change in “ffmpegthumbnailer” because this has worked for years and its only now its not working properly. As I said above removing this and replacing it with gthumb works.

Just checked and ffmpegthumbnailer has had a commit to add (back in) avi format 2 days ago, not in repo yet?

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You mean: delete the “ffmpegthumbnailer” and install “gthumb” ? If yes, i installed “gthumb” but i don’t remove “ffmpegthumbnailer” yet.

Still the same, but i use Dolphin to see this Thumbnails in avi format.

I had the same problem to see the thumbnails of covers of the songs in MP3/Flac format and after some reserach, i installed “Totem” video player and now all the covers appear.

I believe Dolphin uses ffmpegthumbnailer.

@robin0800 suggests that support for AVI format was temporarily removed, and has now been restored. You will probably just need to wait for it to reach Stable; if it hasn’t already.

In short; just have a little patience. Cheers.

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Yes, some hours ago i did the test: Dolphin does not work (Does not show thumbnails) without ffmpegthumbnailer & ffmpegthumbs. With both instaled, all thumbnails videos are showed on Dolphin.

I’m glad your issue is solved.

Some credit should probably go to @robin0800 for pointing out a possible cause, however, you really solved it yourself by reinstalling Dolphin, as well as ffmpegthumbnailer and ffmpegthumbs.

Did this also work for Nemo?

Cheers. :partying_face:

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Repo packages follow upstream releases, not every upstream commit.

Since then, i have used Dolphin as my file manager. I don’t know exactly why, but thumbnails in avi format are showed in Nemo too.

What I observed: The thumbnails in Nemo (avi format) they don’t appear if I don’t see them first in Dolphin. After viewing the thumbnails in Dolphin, they also appear in Nemo.

Anyway, using Dolphin is helping a lot.

And I believe it’s a matter of time before I find out why this happens. Anyway, great to be using Dolphin now.

Thank you for your attention. :clap:

Maybe one day you’ll change to KDE; then you’ll have Dolphin by default, plus a whole lot more. Enjoy your thumbnails. :framed_picture: