Cinnamon Mint-Y themes borked


for some reason Cinnamon defaults to the green-teal-ish Mint-Y-Dark theme, regardless of which one you pick under "controls".
This used to work just fine, and i couldnt find anything in Kvantum or QT5 Settings to resolve it.
Any ideas?


/edit: Tried reinstalling the whole theme package of course, to no avail.

/edit2: Looks like a problem with the package itself, that got updated yesterday.
The "color" values in the .css files on my backups are completely different than the current ones
that came with the updated package.
Just paving the backup over the current theme solved it for now, but the package needs to be fixed.

Can confirm problems with themes colors with mint-themes 1.8.4-1, downgrading to previous version (1.8.3-1) resolves the issue.

Now that you say it, how do you perform a downgrade if youve allready wiped the cache, and with it the old package? Is that even possible at all?

Hi all,
i have the same problem.


Some changes were made upstream in the mint-themes package. See for commits after Apr 14 2020 in their GitHub page:

Some screenshots of the Teal variation of the theme (before/after):

Any chance that this is what you're referring to?

Im using the "Dark-Brown" theme, which is also teal in the current package.
The .css file contains the exact same RGB value as the one found in the teal theme.

/edit: "color: #f0f0f0" to be exact, which is true for every one of them ive checked.
It appears as if theyr all duplicates, instead of individual color schemes, which explains
why you end up with teal, regardless of which one you pick.

That's not what I was referring to at least. I use the Mint-Y-Dark-Teal theme, after the update the theme used the same color pallet as the base Mint-Y-Dark theme regardless of which Mint-Y-Dark-* color variation i chose.

Updates out. Thanks for the quick fix Manjaro Team!
Awesome as always. :wink:

See this

The update solved the issue but ughh I hate the new teal color, I'm sticking with the old version for now.

yeah. I'm also not happy and may try to re-apply the old color in another update :wink:

I have reverted the package to previous version now and will see how we can come up with a patched version of the new release that fits our needs.


Any update on this? You, @oberon, said that you might make a separate mint-y-colour for manjaro. Or am i mistaken?

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