Cinnamon - launchers for terminal apps not working


I am currently trying to build Cinnamon 18.0.3 ISOs and noticed that the launcher for manjaro-architect will not do anything while running the exec command from the terminal works fine.
I then tried the launcher for htop in /usr/share/applications. It also does nothing.
So looks like the terminal=true line in the launcher has some kind of a problem.
Ideas anyone?
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Manjaro-Cinnamon 18.0 released

I have noted that anything Gnome based requires the locale to be set.

If locale is not set in locale.conf then terminal will not launch.


Well the terminal does launch fine. Just the launcher files are not working … :thinking:
edit: locale is set anyway btw


Nemo works here and so does the menu but the menu icon disappears still think its a panel problem as it seems random what works and doesn’t work for different setups.


nemo? I am talking about the desktop launcher for manjaro-architect and the launcher for htop in /usr/share/applications …
But hey! manjaro-architect launched from the menu works just fine and so does htop! how’s that possible??


So what is the difference between the launcher on the desktop and the launcher in /usr/share/applications


I just tried this:
opened the menu and launched architect from there. works
deleted the desktop entry for architect and created a fresh one via menu right click > ‘Add to desktop’. Doesn’t work !
Very odd, indeed!


Is Nemo used for the controlling the desktop in Cinnamon?

If so - it could be a regression in Nemo - but I have really no idea.

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Yes. Probably a nemo issue … For now I will just remove the architect entry on the new ISO. It can still be launched from the menu or terminal dirctly if needed.


Workaround I found for now is calling gnome-terminal directly from the launcher
Exec=gnome-terminal -- sudo /usr/bin/setup

Manjaro-Cinnamon 18.0 released
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