Cinnamon hiDPI scaling broke after today's update

I am using Cinnamon on 4k screen and after today's update the display scaling went back to "Normal", so everything is tiny. When I am choosing hiDPI in Display settings the FPS goes to 0.5 and I am watching some artifacts for 15-20 seconds until it reverts back.
Optirun seems to be working fine as before, so shouldn't be a driver issue. Probably Cinnamon itself.
I am staying at lower resolution for the time being until it's fixed.

Hey there, I also experienced the same issue when I booted up this morning. I was able to "fix" the problem by downgrading the recently updated cinnamon packages.

To find the cinnamon packages that were recently upgraded:

grep -i cinnamon /var/log/pacman.lo

Grabbed a copy of downgrade from the AUR and moved each cinnamon package to its previously installed version. In my case 4.4. Reboot and back in business at 4k with expected scaling.

Sorry forgot this detail, I also needed to "set DOWNGRADE_FROM_ALA to 1" prior to running downgrade:



Thanks. That sounds like a radical solution, though. Also quite involved.

For the time-being I just reduced the resolution to 1920x1080 and waiting for a fix.

It's been 16 days since Cinnamon developers are aware of this issue:

Thanks for the issue link! I'll be waiting patiently for the fix.

Sorry I wasn't able to get you back to glorious 4k today.

In case...before update should I ignore update all of Cinnamon packages.?.
It will be informed when it's fixed & it's safe to upgrade.?.

Yes, it's probably easier to de-select Cinnamon packages during update and wait for the fix.

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I got issues as well with LightDM. Before it knew about the positions of my monitor and the resolutions.

Now, my main monitor is displayed in 1080p, my vertical monitor doesn't not have the vertical position and the UI of the login screen is on my main monitor on the bottom right.

Autologin also didn't work.

I ended up making a script that set's the monitor position and resolution at the LightDM and this fixes the resolution and my vertical monitor is showing correct as well, but the UI of LightDM is still on the bottom right.

After doing this somehow autologin works again as well...

But I also am on Kernel 5.7 from TKG. Maybe that could also effect it?

The GitHub issue on this was set to resolved. To get the scaling correct on the new version, go to Display settings and set the Zoom level to 200% and the Base interface scale to "Double (Hi-DPI)" then reboot. At least this was my experience with a 4k display.

Attached is a screenshot of the settings menu.

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Unfortunately I did upgrade and the problem remains it come back to Normal can't make "Double (Hi-DPI)" .!.Now how to Downgrade.?.

The original issue on GitHub is still open. It's another issue that got mentioned in this one that is closed.

Nonetheless, after staying several days on 1920x1080 and several reboots I tried to change back to 4k and the "Base interface scale" went to Double by itself. Then I changed Zoom Level to 200% and now everything looks right at 4k, as before. That's a good news.

Bad news is that modifying Zoom Level or Base interface scale now gives me a huge system dialog window with an error saying that it was not possible to set any of the following screen resolution+refresh rates combinations (more than 50 of them).

So the error is somehow still there. Just instead of hanging it now gives a weird error. Also luckily enough I am now stuck with correct resolution and scaling :slight_smile:

Looks very non-systematic. Probably just a typo in their code somewhere.

I checked 20.0.2 editions and after installation the scale cannot be changed, it stay at Normal. Is this problem fixed in 20.0.3 edition or still stay & we can't use Double (Hi-DPI).?.

I don't know the version, but I keep my Manjaro updated and there was no update to Cinnamon since broken 4.6.

Any news that Double (Hi-DPI) works in the new update of Cinnamon.?

I managed somehow to set Double (Hi-DPI) + 200% Zoom Level even with 4.6.0. It works ok. But that was probably a pure luck, whenever I try to choose 175% for example it is still glitchy. So no difference that I noticed with the new version.

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I wonder how is in Linux Mint new Beta release with Cinnamon 4.6.

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