Cinnamon - gstreamer update kills xplayer


Don't update to gstreamer and the six other gst-xxx libs v1.16.0 - it kills xplayer.
Doesn't play videos anymore.
Issue is already reported to Linux Mint.


Why is the suggestion 'dont update gstreamer ...' ?

I'm more comfortable with saying 'use vlc for now' or something else instead.
Even if that means telling people to download new software or similar.
I think that is preferable to either keeping systems out-of-date or, as some might glean from this post, encouraging 'partial upgrades'.

So please think about it, and at least clarify a bit?

[by the way .. hi @schinfo, I dont think we've met. Salutations et cetera]

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I agree. Especially since xplayer dev has been cooperating like this I have just removed xplayer from the repo.
Until someone likes to figure out what the issue here really is, just use different and properly supported software.