Cinnamon File Requester missing right click menu

Cinnamon File Requester missing right click menu is there a package needed for this?
In dconf there is only show hidden files and folders first nothing about the menu.


What, pray tell might be "Cinnamon File Requester"? Are you referring to Cinnamon's file manager, Nemo?

No the file requester is what you see when you try to open a file with an app xed for example. There used to be a right click menu where you could select hidden files etc. it is this menu I am missing.

If you enable hidden files in Nemo, they will be accessible in the cinnamon-file-dialog / GtkFileChooserDialog or whatever it's called.

I can enable the files using dconf and turning off hidden files in nemo does not do that in the cinnamon-file-dialog they are still there.

I'm not quite sure I followed what you just said there.

I'm using GNOME with Nautilus which Nemo is based on, so it should be similar. I used to use Cinnamon, but it's been awhile. There is a right-click menu in the file chooser dialog for me and the option to show hidden files is there. I can't explain why it would be missing for you. Are you fully up to date?

sudo pacman -Syu

Yes I am and I know it is still available on the latest cinnamon ISO's its just that I used to have it too but its disappeared now and I don't know how to get it back?

I Know what it is now its gtk3-classic the normal gtk3 produces the menu.

Cinnamon uses gtk3, what are you talking about?

I can confirm this. It seems that if you're using gtk3-classic - replacing the default gtk3 package - the context menu of the Gtk File Chooser window doesn't show up.

If you need the context menu in the Gtk File Chooser window to show/hide hidden files, you can use the Ctrl+h key binding for that (it works exactly as in the file manager).

Other options in the Gtk File Chooser window can be set using gsettings. Some examples:

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