Cinnamon Fallback-Mode after login

Hey there,

I started my PC today, everything worked fine, I booted into Manjaro, logged in, but then I got an error popup saying that Manjaro/ Cinnamon is now in Fallback mode. It always asks whether or not I want to restart Cinnamon. When I click yes, the window just reappears and when I click no, there’s no background, taskbar etc. (Cinnamon’s not started/ crashed). I tried different things and researched for like an hour on the internet, but couldn’t really figure out what to do now.

I did the followong things:

inxi -Fxz

cat ~/.xsession-errors

journalctl -b 0

Hope these logs can help to resolve the issue.

Thanks in advance

At the login screen, can you access a different session, software render mode? It’s the Cinnamon icon by your login name…

Yeah, I already tried that, but nothing changed…
I installed GNOME as well but it doesn’t really work either…

Hi, I had the same problem after the update to Cinnamon 4.8.

I found this thread in the linuxmint repository that suggests the problem comes from the new flatpak integration: Cinnamon crash · Issue #9738 · linuxmint/cinnamon · GitHub

As I said there, removing the flatpak package does indeed solve the crash for me.