Cinnamon desktop - no images displayed in the desktop wallpaper selection

I just install Cinnamon on 2 computers running AMD processors. Mostly went all fine. Just two minor bugs on only ONE of them (?). When I want to change the wallpaper, the originals locations like “cinnamon, gnome, images do not display anything”. I can add my own wallpapers but they won’t show either in the utility. It seems to work though as the wallpaper change if one is selected.

Another small annoyance is the software repository does not display anything under the “navigate” tab (1-3), The “categories” (on the left) are empty too but “groups” is ok. That doesn’t seems to affect the functionalities though as I can search, install, and update software.
Minor gripes …

AMD Ryzen 5 2600
Nvidia GT710
16 GB ddr 4

It’s a known issue: Can no longer change backgrounds

Link has temporary workaround.

Thanks my friend. I miss that one. No hurry with that. Funny that on the other computer, the images shows, quite fainted but ok. Only my local images folders do not show any pictures. It still all works.
AMD FX6300
Nvidia 750TI
8 GB DDR 3

  • The second item is different I believe. The software/updater missing categories is peculiar but not a show stopper. The software/updater has seen his share of changes lately and it is ongoing I believe.

Note : Well they seem to have fix the second issue with Pamac with the latest updates today.
One down ! Good work.