Cinnamon, Deepin and i3 17.0.3 release candidates



Today I have uploaded new ISOs of the Cinnamon, Deepin and i3 editions, built with the latest stable packages of 2017-09-02.
It would be great if some of you would like to run some tests on them before we call them final.

download: Cinnamon | Deepin | i3

Besides the changes to the Manjaro base system including the installer, the i3 and Cinnamon ISOs are basically unchanged since the 17.0.2 release.

Some Deepin packages I have tweaked a little more for Manjaro specifics like version display on the greeter screen and in the control-center and I have also adjusted some places with strange English that didn’t seem to be going away anytime soon … :wink:

So at least for now we have our own custom versions of deepin-control-center, deepin-desktop-base, deepin-session-ui and to fix the default user avatar also deepin-account-faces and manjaro-live-base needed some little new adjustments.
So I hope everything is now in place :slight_smile:


Just tested the Cinnamon on the live environment. Everything seems fine.

Pamac took some time to understand that there is an internet connection (browser was able to connect to the internet) it was able to sync mirrors, but it was not showing the list of available packages, but after a minute or two it was fine.
As someone mentioned on the other thread, Cinnamon uses a lot of RAM, on the live environment on my machine it was around 650MB I guess this is the highest among all Manjaro editions (I am not sure about Deepin).
On my typical installation, with startup apps and etc. Cinnamon boots around 850-900 MB, while Plasma with the same apps only around 650MB and Gnome a bit more.
Otherwise, great work, thanks :slight_smile:

P.S. I guess Cinnamon Mint is also using quite a lot RAM, so most probably it has something to do with Cinnamon itself. but maybe it is possible to strip it down a bit (switch off some animations or change the default applets, but this for future :slight_smile: )

EDIT: just another issue, while using Firefox, I noticed diagonal screen tearing while scrolling. This doesn’t happen on Chromium either with Firefox on my KDE install.

and one more thing that, when there is an MSM notification, it first appears in the top left corner then goes to bottom-right where sys-tray is. this always happens, no matter where the panel is. The same happens also for Dropbox notifications.


My guess is this could have to do with Cinnamon using software rendering in vbox. We can try to find out more in the system monitor or with htop…
Latest pamac takes a while at first start for downloading the repo.files information.


I guess when it selects software rendering it notifies about it. e.g. I remember when I was testing LMDE Cinnamon on boot-up it popped up a notification saying that Cinnamon has selected software rendering and could use more CPU (I am not sure about CPU part).


Deepin ISO works just fine on my AMD machine.
I like the old colour scheme for deepin terminal better.
Here is the old from .config/deepin/deepin-terminal/config.conf


The new one is


i3 ISO is ok, too.


For some reason I wasn’t able to update pacman-mirrors with Pamac on my test install of this Cinnamon Edition. It just didn’t proceed and details showed no progress. It worked in the terminal with pacman.


Same here. Sometimes pamac hungs when one tries to open preferences menu (I guess it is when it should pop-up for the root password).

Refreshing mirrors doesn’t work, but for a couple of time it worked after restarting pamac.


It is good that you added VLC, because Xplayer plays videos in worse quality, uses 25-85% CPU (the high value for HD, low value for low resolution videos), while VLC uses 10-15% for the same videos. Xplayer is based on gstreamer and it looks like it [gstreamer] cannot be recommended for anything.


Hm, weird stuff about pamac… We need to investigate this more. A friend told me about the same issue on an existing install.


Only to understand … in my pc pamac take a time also for any upgrade i.e. it notify update , i accept the update and before showing me the pkgs to update pamac take a long time … of course not related there on cinnamon but only to understand if is possible other cases of this behaviour or similar issue …


I think it is in fact a problem of the authentication window not be able to show up. I have no idea why, yet. db update at the beginning sometimes takes a while, but it works…


Ah no. Not what I just thought. The authentication window does in fact show up but then update hangs and strangely the ‘apply’ button remains active and you can press it repeatedly :wink:


Yep : my situation :thinking: so general issue


The issue seems to be solved with update of pacman-mirrors to v4.2.2 :slight_smile:
The package is already on stable branch.


@philm, @Ste74 we need to verify if the issue is also present on the official 17.0.3 release ISOs. It might have slipped easily since you will not even be able to test pamac’s update function on a fresh ISO with latest packages :wink:
In any case they must have shipped with the older version of pacman-mirrors. If really pacman-mirrors was the culprit, it should be expected that it affects not only Cinnamon…


on my machine I have pacman-mirrors 4.2.2-1, but I still not able to refresh mirrors from pamac.

While typing this I tried it again, and seems that actually it does work, but the text on the bottom of pamac doesn’t change when the command is finished.
When I click on ‘Details’ I can see the terminal output which ends with
.: Info Mirror list generated and saved to: /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

But on the status area on GUI it still says Refreshing mirrors list.

Also, I still have occasional freezes for pamac.

P.S. This is from the fresh install, and not from live environment I was reporting before.


ideas @fhdk ? What was the content/reason of pacman-mirrors 4.2.2 update?


The new colors are mostly to make architect work properly in the live-environment. We could actually just change back to the old color-scheme in the installed system and keep the new one on the ISO…
In any case they are built in presets and can quickly be changed in deepin-terminal settings.


Thinking more users might like to know what merited the updates, I moved my reponse to a post in announements.

Pacman-mirrors minor updates explained


@svooo @oberon

Seems pamac is working just fine.
Checking with pamac - I got this result


I think it is a cosmetic issue - a forgotten reset of the status.