Cinnamon custom keyboard shortcuts not working

Hi all.

I made a fresh Cinnamon install yesterday and am setting things up, including defining a few custom keyboard shortcuts, which I've been using for quite some time. I noticed that the new keybinding won't take effect, unless I made one more new keybinding.

For instance, the 1st custom shortcut is:
1. name: a shortcut, action: bash /some/path/to/, keybinding: Super+w
then Super+w won't work, unless I add the 2nd one, e.g.:
2. name: another shortcut, action: bash /some/path/to/, keybinding: Super+t

So if I have 3 shortcuts to define, I have to define a 4th dummy one for the 3rd one to take effect.

I also noticed the same in another Arch install with cinnamon DE, I did a system-upgrade on that machine only a few days ago so I believe this is something new.

Some more specs info:

  • Cinnamon version: 4.48
  • Linux kernel: 5.6.11-1-MANJARO
  • CPU: probably irrelevant, but Intel© Core™ i5-10210U CPU @ 1.60GHz × 4

Strange... did you use the Keyboard Settings app from the menu?

I have noticed that if I set only 1 new keybinding, it will only work if I log out and log in again (or reboot, obviously).

So maybe this is the same issue. Can you set 1 new shortcut keybinding, log out and log in again and check if it works then?

Yes I was using the Keyboard Settings app.
Just tested logging out and logging back, new keybindings take effect after that.

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