Cinnamon 4.0 Issues



Black Friday needs accurate calculations, so i wondered that my calculator keybinding does not work anymore.

Preferred Applications seems broken

dconf used a bad default setting (for manjaro?)

after set a custom value, my keybinding (Settings --> Keyboard --> Shortcuts --> Launchers --> Launch Calculator) worked again


Yes, the same problem here as well, although just installed the gnome-calculator and it appeared there.

Another potential issue that I encounter, is that I can’t shade windows anymore.
Either if you add the shade button on the titlebar or just right click on title bar and choose to shade, it does not work, it seems the window area remains visible but when you click on it the focus goes to the window behind.


I also had the calculator issue. I fixed mine by going to settings->keyboard->shortcuts->custom shortcuts and then adding a new shortcut with name Calculator and command galculator with the binding of the calculator key.


I think cinnamon releases early so that other distros can test it before it is included in mint (almost like a sneaky beta) that is why we don’t really get any release notes until it hits mint, Quite clever really.


yeah as stability goes, mint works on it :slight_smile: for there own distro :slight_smile: thats fine how they promote :slight_smile:

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