Cinnamon 4.0 Issues



Did you try searching? It works for me. I searched for Manjaro and chose one and it applied.


Confirmed! Matcha theme works much better.
I always thought Adapta is solid like a stone, always and forever working.


I can only select an icon from the left side categories. (Actions, Applications … etc.)

But when i “Browse” a custom icon, the select button remains disabled.


adapta theme is on some point pretty heavy :slight_smile:


Where can the Matcha theme be found? It’s not under ‘Add/Remove theme’ in the Cinnamon Themes applictation.


Try pamac , matcha-gtk-theme.


I can reproduce that as well. Just type something in the search box, it will find anything in /usr/share/icons/.


Just a heads up that the Adapta fork on Cinnamon Spices (download via the Themes app) has now been updated to look nicer with the new stock menu layout. It also has theming for the new grouped windows list applet and fixes a couple of other little niggles (Cinnamenu right click context menu support and workspace switcher on vertical panels).



Thanks for the good news


Now there is a status indicator, you can see witch “pinned” application is currently running. Very useful.



Edit the configuration file directly seems to work:


"menu-icon": {
        "type": "iconfilechooser",
        "default": "/usr/share/cinnamon/theme/menu-symbolic.svg",
        "description": "Icon",
        "tooltip": "Select an icon to show in the panel.",
        "dependency": "menu-custom",
        "indent": true,
        "value": "/usr/share/icons/manjaro-shiny.png"

(Restart Cinnamon with ALT + F2 --> command = r)


Yep, there is a bug in the new icon picker that is fixed upstream - it fails to store the full path to the icon. Icons that are in a defined icon theme will work as it stands but others won’t. Needs an update to xapps for the fix to come through, but in the meantime manually setting the full path in xlet settings works.


Seems to fixed in the new testing update today.


I pushed more Cinnamon 4.0 updates to our testing branch. Might be available also in our stable branch by tomorrow if no-one complains about those changes.


About the power button on the right, upstream reverted back to the old layout in 4.0.1. But it may not stay that way.

So don’t be surprised to see the old layout back, but don’t be surprised it it changes again in the future.

Cinnamon 4.0 is still in an early stage and we most likely going to get through a lot of change this month and next month.

[Testing Update] 2018-11-12 - Cinnamon, Deepin, Tesseract, KDE Framework

How to download the fork in Themes app? I see only the “regular” one.

Also, after latest cinnamon I’ve got black and white system status bar icons (wifi, battery, etc), any idea how to restore the original ones?


Can anyone reproduce this bug?

I’ve installed pamac-dev 7.3.0rc1-1 under Cinnamon and it takes over 10 seconds after each process (for example “Scanning for Updates”) to end it.

philm can’t reproduce it under GNOME or XFCE, so it seems, it happens only with Cinnamon.

I’ve found the reason - it’s not a bug, it’s a feature :wink:
It happens, if you enable under AUR-Support the point “Check for development packages updates”.
Looks like it takes a very long time for scanning!


Install this one or Adpata without -Nokto

… and we should thank smurphos for the great work! :+1:



I found 2 issues since last updates.
In some applications, the “File” menu is black on black background (for example : Visual Studio Code or Typora).



Those look like electron apps.

Theming issues with electron apps have been discussed recently on the forum, especially regarding Visual Studio Code.


Well, this is NOT a Manjaro Cinnamon issue, but a long way back issue from Cinnamon developers, and they will not address it, apparently.
In 2014 was opened this issue related to mapping buttons in Wacom Settings. Is still the same today.
Trying to make use of:
dconf dump /org/cinnamon/ > cinnamon.dconf
and edit those settings then
dconf load /org/cinnamon/ < cinnamon.dconf
to recompile it back, is not working.

Maybe someone has an idea how that can be done … :slight_smile: