Cinnamon 4.0 Issues



i tested the Stable Channel release of 7.11.18 shipping Cinnamon 4.0. Unfortunatly i found 2 very obvious bugs:

  • Right click on desktop shows some English menu entries even if i have German locale installed:
    “Sort” and “Customize”…should be German but arn’t
  • Main Menu has wasted room on the left. This is not present in pure Cinnamon 4.0

Anyway thanks for providing v4 :slight_smile:


Screeni for first issue:


Maybe you try to switch to a different theme. If the current theme might have an issue, report it upstream or to us.

  • same in Italian, missing translation upstream?
  • it is ok for me using the default theme


Its a fresh default installation of Manjaro Cinnamon 17.1.12 Image with just updating to current release and restart. So it is no custom theme used except the one that is set by default with Manjaro.
But i agree the “Cinnamon” Destop theme resolves issue #2.


I just pushed a new package to unstable branch. Maybe it helps also. For translations I can’t say anything. Maybe translate as needed.

pamac install


cinnamon-translations is marked as outdated on Arch right now


Cinnamon bug automatically shifted shutdown and logout icons from bottom left to top right.

Shutdown and logout icons should show on bottom left.

Also Menu button started showing Linux Mint logo instead of Manjaro logo which i had fixed by enabling custom icon and label but after i clicked reset to defaults from top right drop down menu from menu configuration, it is now broken. Manjaro logo disappeared and now you just see the gear logo after enabling enabling custom icon and label.


It’s a change introduced in Cinnamon 4.0.0. See this commit:

Icons missing after update
Shutdown buttons in Menu gone

I’ll keep upstream a little closer on my watching list and will update our packages as needed.


Not a good change. Hopefully Cinnamon developers allow us to configure shutdown and logout icon position from Cinnamon Menu.


I have already reported this 2 bugs in Grouped window list:

  • unable to rearange shortcuts by dragging (yes, I have this option enabled in the settings, and yes I have tried to remove and re-add this applet many times)
  • unable to pin some apps (netbeans 8.2 for example)


Here a list of already upstream reported issues:


I think an issue related to the new Cinnamon version (or its integration with Manjaro) is that since running the latest updates (of today), the startbar icon has been changed from the Manjaro ‘M’ logo to something that looks like a settings gear:



The manjaro icon disappears after the update.
Found workaround: right click on menu button --> Configure …
Enable option “Use a custom icon and Label” … thats all

By the way … the icon picker is also buggy, cannot select any icon.


The new “Grouped window list” panel applet does not show a hover effect on Adapta theme:
OK: Screenshot1

Failed: Screenshot2
Same issue on Manjaro default theme Adapta-Nokto-Maia

(the old “Window list” panel applet don’t have this issue)


The Adapta theme has not been updated for Cinnamon 4.0 and probably won’t be anytime soon. Try the Matcha theme, it works great.


If you click on the drop down menu in top right corner and click reset to defaults, Use a custom icon and label workaround no longer works, Manjaro icon disappears permanently.


Do the newer packages from our testing branch help?


After switching to testing branch the expo and scale icons are also lost:

After reset the menu settings to defaults, the majaro icons disappears permanently.
At least the stock icon looks much nicer now :wink:

It is also not possible to select a icon manually!