Please don’t update to this new version, it has a bug and crash Cinnamon!


I’ve updated an it’s running fine.
Perhaps providing a bit more info may help.


Seems fine on my side too.

Is it possible to get more info?


I hear you, and feel your pain. Same thing happened to me just this afternoon. I was in the cafeteria carrying my usual coffee and cinnamon roll on a tray to my table. Then I noticed a coackroach on my cinnamon roll and was so shocked and revolted I lost my grip on the tray. The cinnamon roll and coffee crashed to the floor, and I just walked away from it vowing never to return I was so mad.


The error only occurs after a restart.
Everything is running right after the installation, until you reboot.
I can login but than I see only a black screen with the mouse-cursor.
The last two lines in the boot-log are:
[ OK ] Started Light Display Manager.
[ OK ] Started Manage, Install and Generate Color Profiles.


Sound more like a GPU driver issue though.


Let’s give it another try


Same problem as before.
I also tried disabling all the effects under the settings - didn’t work either.


Just unstable branch?


sure - we are also in this forum area :wink:


I’ve found the error - it’s an applet !!!
It’s the Multi-Core System Monitor

Got an update two days ago - but still does not work anymore.


The slide control applet fails to produce an icon on the panel. app still works but functions from the non existing icon don’t though there are other ways to be able to use those actions.


I can confirm that - it’s the same with me


There’s a new update from today for the Multi-Core System Monitor - Applet, that will make the applet work again.
This solves the problem.


With every major release some might change. Only thing what helps is to report as best as you can the issue so developers can fix it. I might do a video on how to git-bisect code in an easy way soon.

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