Chrooting around caveats / missing leads to kernel panic

If anyone cares to read how I got here, initially, I wanted to install OBS. It wouldn’t start because something was missing. After trying to update whatever was out of date or missing for it to work, I ended up breaking pacman with all the updates and was greeted with a cursor upon boot. was manually copied via a liveusb into place and I fixed that. I kept trying to at least partially update in the hope that I end up with the files that give me my desktop back or (-syu wouldn’t work because root was too full) and at some point I updated sudo (maybe others too), which led to breaking pacman, and more, again.

So now what?

I have been using linux for a decade, yet reading about chrooting on another thread here, just makes me give up hope for now. Can anyone point me to something more comprehensive, maybe?

Any other way to recover the system?

Thank you!

you need to chroot: boot into manjaro iso, connect to internet, chroot:
manjaro-chroot -a
rerun update again:
pacman-mirrors -f 5 && pacman -Syyu
post any errors from this… if there are none, and you are up to date, reinstall openssl:
pacman -S openssl lib32-openssl
if there are no errors, exit chroot:

The current Manjaro stable branch does not use that was deprecated.

You need to chroot your system only, then run pacman update to fix your system.

Would someone be so kind as to explain, why, if I’m updating packages, and coming from openssl 3.0.7 (I believe) did I end up with a deprecated on my system?

(edit: I mean ended up with needing that older version, despite, newer, up-to-date packages. Sorry)

if you search for who owns it, its own by openssl 3.0.7-4

That worked up to a point, really well, surprisingly identifying /dev/sda4 as the correct root partition, without any hassle. But trying to do:

pacman -Syyu
pacman: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

so you have to use external pacman… exit chroot:
and run these commands:

sudo sed -i 's/ trap/#trap/' /usr/lib/manjaro-tools/
exit | manjaro-chroot -a
sudo pacman --sysroot /mnt -S openssl lib32-openssl --overwrite '*'
sudo pacman --sysroot /mnt -Syu

any errors post here

Updating finished.

That’s some beautiful code. I would have needed a week to get that together, probably.

Still not sure if the UI will greet me upon boot. If I don’t get back here, it worked! Thank you!

Everything works. You`re a hero!

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