Chromium file dialog is not using the default file manager (revisited)

I want to revisit this bug:
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Config: Manjaro Cinnamon, Brave, Opera (2 machines - same problem)
Short story:
Chromium based browsers RANDOMLY use different save as dialog. The good one (looks like Nemo) and bad one - broken, where I can’t rename file because typing any letter works as a filter.

In topic linked above “solution” was a GTK bug. But it just isn’t - at least not for me. According to topic gtk4 in version 4.6.4 is free from this bug. But I have 4.6.5-1 and still cant rename files while saving it from a browser, and still have wrong save-as dialog. In Firefox save-as dialog is good.

In .config I have gtk2, gtk3, gtk4 folders, but only in 3 there is bookmark list. 2 and 4 are empty, none of them do not have configuration.
Suggested removing gtk-somehting-portal do not help.

I don’t want to install Linux from start because I use LUKS on system partition.

For your information.

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Was answered already

Here is how you can go around it was mentioned above.

is xdg-desktop-portal-gtk or xdg-desktop-portal-kde or xdg-desktop-portal-gnome and i think (might be wrong) that you actually need the first one and make sure the service is running.

Well, is a community edition and a lot of changes happened due to the Gnome changes, but not all of them got addressed … This might be one of those issues.

There are only stored the bookmarks for the native gtk file dialog, but if something else is shown as file dialog, then those do not help much.

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But, what about a bug? Any Manjaro Cinnamon user can confirm that bug still exists? Or maybe that is some config issue and in a clean installation bug is fixed?

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