Chromium extension

I need to block whit a password the access to chromium extension…
In other word block this page: chrome://extensions/
In firefox I used public fox which had an option that allowed me to block access to its extensions settings unless I entered the password.

Is there something similar in chromium?
How can the access to this page be blocked?

I repeat, I do not have to block the operation of the extensions but only to prevent them from being manually disabled at any time…
I would like at least to put a password to access the page so that they cannot be disabled with two mouse clicks.

Thaks for the help.

Hello @PC_ZERO :wink:

I guess there not such a extension, but maybe this helps:

Set Chrome app and extension policies (Linux) - Chrome Enterprise and Education Help


I do not know what to do…

Perhaps you need a user account with a password that only you know? :wink:

That doesn’t solve the problem…not at all…